Kunai local

After the release of Kunai, i received a lot of great feedback and had a few interesting discussions.
One of the most missed features (for several reasons): more control of the server.

Here we go: kunai-local is your chance to run kunai without the need of a internet connection, you just need your phone on the same network.

You can download a "ready to start" version here, or you can visit github and build it on your own.

Sidenote: the precompiled jar file needs Java 7 installed

Running Kunai locally

First of all you need to start the kunai-local programm, and choose open ports to start the server.

In most of the cases, the default values should be fine.

Since Kunai version 1.3 you can edit the target host in the "advanced settings" menu. Here you need to fill in the IP address of your local server and the websocket port. If you use few different host, you can give them an alias and save it.

Also you can go back to the default settings at any time.

When you start your local server, a browser will open with your choosen settings. Everything will look like the known kunai-keyboard.net website, but everything is loaded locally.

Kunai CLI

If want to run Kunai on your own server, you can run the same jar file via a command line interface.

You need 2 parameters, first the webserver port and second the socket port. For example:

java -jar kunai-local.jar 80 8086

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