Way back in the old days, work was still done by hand. It was laborious. It wore you out. It made you hurt. Pretty much like typing an a cell-phone‘s display does today.

But even back then, somebody came up with a clever tool that would make the work simpler, faster and less painful. That tool was called „kunai“, which stands for „painless“.

If you feel, typing on your phone is a pain, get your kunai remote keyboard and save yourself some anguish.


  1. Download, install and open the app!

  2. The settings-screen will open up with a random generated room name.
    Activate the "Kunai - Remote Keyboard" by clicking on "Open keyboard settings" and check the box next to "Kunai - Remote Keyboard".
    Comply with the attention dialog and you're done.
  3. If you don't want to use the random generated room name, you can change it to anything you like, provided it is a name made up of letters and numbers.
  4. You can now choose Kunai as your preferred input method!
    Do this by pressing "Choose default keyboard" in the Kunai settings, or change it on the fly by pulling down the android menu while your keyboard is active.
  5. Just open a browser and navigate to kunai-keyboard.net, enter your room-code, and start beeing happy!
  6. Activate the "LIVE - Mode" to transfer every keypress immediatley to your smartphone!
  7. The room is deep-linked in the url. Just bookmark you room and you can auto-login next time!


  1. A: Is this service free?

    Q: Yes!

  2. Q: I can't join my room, but last time everything worked!

    A: I am really sorry, but it seems someone else is currently using your room-name. You have to choose another one for this time :-(

  3. Q: Do you save any data?

    A: No! Nothing is saved, every text or room-name is completely temporary and gone in the same moment you send the message or leave the room. (To be fair, im running google analytics to have a small overview)

  4. Q: Do I have to be on the same network (with device and browser)?

    A: No! Kunai works completely independent and works also via 3g!

  5. Q: WhatsApp doesn't want to send the message with Alt+Enter

    A: Please check your WhatsApp settings -> chat settings. You need to check the "Enter is send" option.

  6. Q: Can I host the server-part by myself?

    A: Yes! You can! I open sourced a java server implementation on github, please find more details at kunai-local

  7. Q: How can i restore the removed Adbanner purchase?

    A: Just click the buy-button again. Just before Kunai requests an in-app purchase, it checks if you already own it and deactivates the banner. Sidenote: once purchased, you can remove the Adbanner on all your devices.

Credits & Open Source

I'm using the awesome android-websocket client from Koushik Dutta.

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